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Take a new look at wellness. Change the face of illness and experience the transformation that occurs in healing. This program is for people who are experiencing a long term healing process.
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Women Series

A Group for Women About Life >>

Explore your own possibilities.
Bring balance into your life.
Be sensitive and powerful.
Weave the tapestry of your life!
New group forming now. Let me know you're interested.
Set a time to chat with Liz to learn more about the group and get 10% off if you enroll during the conversation. See video >> PayPal >>

Accelerated Breakthrough Coaching

EGL’s Accelerated Breakthrough Coaching>>

Liz’s method is based on short-term intensive work.
It's effective, collaborative, organic, innovative and nurturing.
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Women Series

Psychotherapy and Counseling >>

My approach to counseling, psychotherapy, art therapy and coaching is that anything is possible. Email or call for a free 20 minute consultation. >>
Canacer Coalition Alliance

Mindfulness and Creativity in Healing in Miami >>

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